Confidential Waste Disposal and Secure Hard Drive Destruction

Whether it’s a just a couple of boxes, an entire office full of confidential documents, our on demand truck teams are here to help!
This service is perfect if you need to destroy confidential information such as files or out of date tax records.
Our uniformed, professional staff will arrive in a 2 hour time window , do all the lifting and loading and take your documents away to be securely disposed of, issuing you with a certificate of destruction on completion of the job.

Hard Drive and Media Destruction

Hard drive and media destruction with Dumpit is the most secure way to destroy electronically-saved data.
When businesses upgrade their computers, before sending the old computers to recyclers, the hard drives are removed and specialist software is used to erase all confidential data. Whilst some programmes do erase the data, some just delete the file directories on the hard drive, leaving data behind. This means that the information can be restored to its original state by using other software. This gives fraudsters access to private information that was thought to have been destroyed.

Just erasing your hard drive does not guarantee that confidential data is gone. Hard drive destruction is proven to be the most reliable process to completely erase electronically-saved data. Dumpit has state-of-the-art machinery which is specifically designed to shred hard drives so that no data can ever be retrieved.