Dumpit works with small DIY projects and major building construction projects and gives each the exact same level of commitment. We work with several organisations to dispose of general building project and construction waste.

Why use Dumpit and not Skip Hire?

Skip hire is an ineffective alternative to our service because by calling in Dumpit there is no need to make application for street permits, you don’t have to arrange your time to take delivery of the skip to make sure everything goes to plan. You don’t need to ensure that there is adequate on-site parking space for the skip, or have the additional cost of having a skip on site for days on end, only to find that everyone else in area has used the skip for their own waste disposal!

Dumpit eliminates the complexities surrounding skip hire and disposal of building waste with one phone call … we take care of everything else.

Our experienced Dumpit teams will arrive fully equipped staffed to clear your site. This allows you to complete your building work, whether this is a small DIY project or major construction without the added hindrance of rubbish and waste cluttering up the area. We will work with you until your project is complete and save you labour costs and additional manpower.

Are there safeguards in place?

We carry out stringent Health & Safety assessments of the site. We are fully insured and comply with all industry standards.

We have a responsibility to future generations. The disposal of our waste product, domestic, commercial and industrial matters to us, a lot. The building industry in Scotland produces millions of tonnes of waste product every year and the impact of not disposing of this waste properly would have a disastrous impact on our environment. We take this very seriously and our business reflects that.