Do you have a garage that could really do with a clear-out? Would you like to use that junk filled garage space for something better? Your car perhaps? Dumpit Scotland can offer an easy, hassle free solution to garage clearance in Glasgow.
Garage Clearance

Is your garage full of junk? Don’t worry you are not alone! Over the years, junk can build up in garages. With this in mind we have designed our garage clearance service to make it easy for you to reclaim your valuable garage space back.


Messy Garage


Clean Garage

Garage Clearances don’t need to be hard work, labour intensive or full of worry and hassles. Dumpit Scotland provides a comprehensive clearance service throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Central Belt of Scotland. We pride ourselves on our commitment to a professional, friendly and customer-focused junk and waste removal service.

Whether it’s clearing up, preparing to sell your home or simply freeing up more space, Dumpit takes the hard work out of clearing away unwanted household items. Dumpit goes to where the junk is, whether it’s garages, lofts, out houses, or basements! We also uplift from outside your property. Our truck teams arrive in pre-arranged two hour time slots so there’s no hanging about. We uplift all types of bulky waste from furniture to refurbishment waste.

You don’t need to do a thing! Just point out the junk that’s to be removed and your truck team will take care of everything, sweeping up before they go.

If you are thinking of hiring a van, or waiting forever on a council uplift, have a re –think! We save you time, money and recycle 80% of everything we uplift.

Our professional team will load all of your unwanted junk in to our specialised tipper trucks, leaving your garage clean and tidy. Let us do all the work for you so you don’t have to!